RI Engaged in Famine Relief

11.5 Million Lives are at Risk Due to the Worst Drought to Hit the Horn of Africa in 60 Years.

The UN has declared a state of famine in the southern Bakool and Lower Shabelle regions of southern Somalia. If humanitarian agencies cannot intervene now, famine conditions will spread to the whole of southern Somalia within two months.

Drought, conflict and poverty have created a devastating famine and mass starvation in Somalia at the heart of Horn of Africa. In this hard-hit country, Relief International staff are busy saving lives providing food to hungry families and essential nutrition to malnourished children through feeding centers.

Over 30 percent of those starving are children. Stories are surfacing of mothers trekking long distances to seek help - the tiny children in their arms dying along the way.

This is the first famine of the 21st Century, and it requires a massive and immediate response - helping feed starving children and families STARTS WITH YOU.

Unlike abrupt natural disasters such as the Haiti earthquake, the Japan tsunami and Pakistan earthquake, the famine has not received much media attention. By the time the cameras arrive it will be too late. And yet, we actually have a chance to save millions of lives if we ACT NOW.

With your help we can feed more children and break the cycle of famine and hunger in the Horn of Africa.

Please help feed famine-stricken families and children and save innocent lives TODAY with your tax-deductible gift.

• $10 feeds one malnourished child for one week.
• $25 equips four families with nutritional supplements for one month.
• $50 provides therapeutic nutrition for one child to return to health.
• $100 feeds 10 families for one month.
• $250 treats 750 patients in an emergency clinic.
• $1,000 saves the lives of 20 severely malnourished children.


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