Making Life Easier for the Elderly in Uganda with bob®


“I have been able to have clean natural water for my cow and my household. Plus, I no longer buy water for my cow and I now have enough time to collect fresh grasses for it to eat and work in my gardens,” exclaims Alice, a proud owner of bob®, the domestic rainwater harvesting bag developed by Relief International’s EnterpriseWork’s division.
Alice currently lives with her elderly husband and three young grandchildren in Uganda. She is a small-scale farmer and has a zero-grazed cow producing milk for sale to the neighbors. Her grandchildren are in school and only come home during holidays, leaving Alice and her husband with no one to help fetch water from the borehole, which is still two miles away. “We used to spend a lot of money and time getting water, especially during the dry season for us and our cow,” she says.
Before she bought bob®, Alice was forced to spend the few coins she had to pay other people to collect water. “I had to buy about four jerricans ( 5 gallons each) of water per day for my cow alone.” When she was introduced to bob® by a local dealer, she immediately saw that bob® was a game changer. “I was sure the new technology would eliminate the problem of not having enough water,” Alice says.
Ever since Alice purchased bob®, she has not had to buy water again. In fact, she has spent close to four months with bob® full of water for use with her family and cow.
Alice even had some advice for the EnterpriseWorks team: “I think your bob® managers need to sensitize more people, especially the elderly, so they can enjoy the life I have now.”
To learn more about bob®, the domestic rainwater harvesting bag developed by Relief International’s EnterpriseWorks division, please click HERE.

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