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Relief International and ECHO respond to Nepal Earthquake

09-22-15 | RI

RI, together with ANSAB, CHESS, and ECHO, distributed shelter materials to households in Nepal affected by the May 2015 earthquakes. Read More

Syrian Children are Center of $20 Million Donation to Relief International

8/13/2015 | RI

RI announced the signing of an agreement between its organization and Mr. Sezgin Baran Korkmaz of Turkey. Mr. Korkmaz is providing a donation of USD 20 million to support a five-year relief strategy for children suffering from the Syrian conflict. Read More

Providing Positive Outlets: Utilizing Play and Creativity to Help Syrian Children Heal from Trauma

06-27-14 | RI

RI organizes a festival for Syrian children in the Dara Shakran camp in Erbil, Iraq Read More

Keeping the Water Flowing

06-27-14 | RI

RI works with communities devastated by Haiyan to restore access to water and sanitation Read More

World Refugee Day

06-20-14 | RI

An update from the RI team in Jordan Read More

Letters to the World

06-19-14 | RI

Syrian children at the Zaatari refugee camp share their hopes and struggles Read More

Iraq Crisis: Update on Our Response

06-19-14 | RI

RI is rapidly mobilizing to support displaced Iraqis Read More

Crisis in Iraq

06-17-14 | RI

RI is responding to the urgent needs of Iraqi families who have fled violence Read More

Helping Syrian Children Stay Healthy

06-12-14 | RI

School hygiene clubs help spread healthy hygiene practices Read More

The Power of Puppets

06-02-14 | RI

RI harnesses the power of imagination to help teach Syrian children healthy hygiene practices Read More

Combating Malnutrition in Darfur

05-28-14 | RI

RI therapeutic feeding centers serve as a lifeline for malnourished children in the Zam Zam refugee camp Read More

A Safe Space to Play and Learn

05-14-14 | RI

Syrian parents and children share how RI’s educational programming gives youth stability amidst a crisis Read More

Seven Steps to Assisting the People of South Sudan

05-12-14 | RI

Joint Statement by 60 Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Read More

NGOs Condemn Attacks on Civilians in South Sudan and Emphasize a Need for Urgent Humanitarian Assistance

04-26-14 | RI

The full statement Read More

Saving Forests, Sustaining Livelihoods

04-22-14 | RI

RI Country Director, Nazrul Islam, gives us a look at the importance of the Sundarbans Read More

RI Marks the One Year Anniversary of its Educational Program in the Zaatari Refugee Camp

04-17-14 | RI

To date, RI has helped more than 6,500 Syrian children catch-up in school. Read More

Clean Water, Healthy Communities

04-01-14 | RI

RI helps rural communities in Yemen gain access to clean, filtered water Read More

Aid Agencies: “We cannot stop the war, but we can ease immense human suffering”

03-28-14 | RI

The joint press release Read More

Unlocking Ghana’s Potential through Fuel-Efficient Cookstoves

03-26-14 | RI

RI/EW's Gyapa Fuel-Efficient Cookstove Project in Ghana has been nominated for a 2degrees award. The Gyapa cookstove cuts fuel costs for families, improves health, slows deforestation, and supports the local economy. Learn more and help support by voting Read More

Syria Crisis Enters Fourth Year

03-17-14 | RI

Last week, vigils were held across the world to mark the third anniversary of the crisis in Syria. Read More

Back to School

03-14-14 | RI

"I love my school and my teachers, and I want to learn more to be able to go back and rebuild my country," Anas, 7, tells RI Lebanon staff. Learn how RI's Accelerated Learning Program in Lebanon is helping Syrian children catch-up in school Read More

Helping Syrian Refugees Brave Winter

03-13-14 | RI

Amira and her family fled Syria with nothing more than the clothes on their back. They found themselves facing a harsh winter in the massive expanse of the Zaatari refugee camp. Learn how RI's team helped them cope with the past winter. Read More

RI Collaborates with Leaders in the Syrian Refugee Community

03-12-14 | RI

Meet Hussein and learn how his leadership helped RI reach more Syrian families in need Read More

Bringing Smiles to Children in Zaatari

03-11-14 | RI

An uplifting update from our field team at the RI education center in the Zaatari refugee camp, Jordan Read More

Building Hope for Syrian Refugees in Iraq

03-11-14 | RI

Learn more about our team's life-saving work in Iraq Read More

Educate Girls, End Poverty

03-10-14 | RI

Learn how RI is inspiring change in Somalia through education Read More

Crisis in South Sudan

02-20-14 | RI

RI continues to assist families displaced by violence Read More

Helping the Displaced in Pakistan

8-27-14 | RI

Donate to provide water, sanitation and shelter to more than 700,000 displaced people in North Waziristan. Read More

Share the Love

2-11-14 | RI

This Valentine's Day, show your love with a gift that gives back Read More

Protecting Syria’s Future Generation

2-10-14 | RI

RI's education programs are providing Syrian children a safe space to learn and grow. Read More

NGOs Welcome Ceasfire Agreement in South Sudan

1-27-14 | RI

RI and Other NGOs Reaffirm their Commitment to Help All Populations in Need of Assistance Read More

Creating Positive Impacts on Our Climate

1-16-14 | RI

Learn more about the role RI/EW’s Gyapa fuel-efficient cookstove plays in carbon offsetting on the Guardian Sustainable Business (Photo 9) Read More

Syrian Refugee Crisis

1-13-14 | RI

More than 2.8 million have fled their homes. Learn about RI's work assisting Syrian refugees. Read More

Helping Families Heal

12-27-13 | RI

See the impact of our work in the Philippines Read More

Make a Difference

12-13-13 | RI

This holiday season, honor your loved ones with a gift that gives back. Read More

Typhoon Haiyan

11-13-13 | RI

RI's team is providing medical care to survivors of Typhoon Haiyan Read More

Empowering Women Business Owners in Iraq

10-25-13 | RI

Meet some of the inspiring entrepreneurs we work with and learn how you can directly support them Read More

Keeping Ghana Healthy

10-15-13 | RI

Ghana WASH project launches Handwashing essay contest at local schools Read More

As UN General Assembly Begins, RI and Other Aid Groups Urge Member States to Prioritize Humanitarian Aid

09-23-13 | RI

The joint press release Read More

Bringing Clean Water to Communities in Senegal and Sub-Saharan Africa

09-20-13 | RI

Relief International’s EnterpriseWorks division presents paper on low cost well-drilling at the 2013 University of Oklahoma International Water Conference September 23rd-25th Read More

Award-Winning Photojournalist, Tony O’Brien, Visits RI’s Programs for Syrian Refugees in the Za’atari Refugee Camp

09-16-13 | RI

Read his firsthand accounts from Syrian refugees and see his striking photographs in The New Mexican Read More

Technical Director, Jon Naugle, Discusses Approaches to Managing Water Resources on NPR's Marketplace

09-13-13 | RI

“Surveying the social landscape is as critical as the geological one.” Technical Director, Jon Naugle Read More

RI's EnterpriseWorks division Brings Innovative Water Solutions to Uganda

09-10-13 | RI

Read about bob®, the domestic rainwater harvesting bag developed by RI's EnterpriseWorks division, on page 10 of USAID's September issue of Global Waters Read More

Building Skills to Create Opportunity

09-09-13 | RI

Youth jewelry designer wins RI Business Plan Competition Read More

Stories from Syrian Refugees

09-05-13 | RI

“We are trying to make a future for the children by offering them a good education. They are the future of Syria and without an education, there will be no future for these children or for the people of Syria -- these children are the future of Syria.” Read More

Stories from Syrian Refugees and the Most Precious Item They Left Behind

09-05-13 | RI

Aleemah says she is grateful to the RI family, not only for helping her fight her loneliness and anxiety for her family, but also because the work gives her strength and hope to help other Syrians who have lost their homes. While she carries the pictures in her phone, she repeats that she carries Syria in her heart. Read More

Stories from Syrian Refugees and the Most Precious Item They Left Behind

09-05-13 | RI

“[It] Isn’t even a nice jacket. I think it cost me $3 when I picked it up second hand, but I love that jacket. I wish I could have saved [it]. It’s funny the things we obsess over when we have everything.”-Mimar Read More

Stories from Syrian Refugees and the Most Precious Item They Left Behind

09-05-13 | RI

Rafeek found work with RI -- a turning point in his story. He has revived his love of learning as part of RI’s Education Program. He lives with the team, and feels that he is earning an honest living and is able to pay for this own things, reclaiming his dignity. Read More

Stories from Syrian Refugees and the Most Precious Item They Left Behind

09-05-13 | RI

“There is always hope. This must be the more powerful thing.” Read More

Stories from Syrian Refugees

09-05-13 | RI

“When the days are hard, this reminds me of the life I left behind and I am able to push onward.” Read More

Ghana WASH Project Helps Locals Lead the Improvement of their Communities

09-05-13 | RI

From Water to Electrification, WatSan Committees Promote Development Read More

RI’s EnterpriseWorks Division Works with Local Entrepeneurs

08-08-13 | RI

Meet Peter, one of the impressive local metal artisan entrepreneurs we work with Read More

Rebuilding Livelihoods in Sri Lanka through Microfinance

07-18-13 | RI

Loans enable local communities to lead grassroots solutions for sustainable development Read More

Empowering Women in Sri Lanka

07-11-13 | RI

Meet Dayamanthi and learn how a loan changed her life Read More

A Brighter Future for Omid

06-26-13 | RI

Meet Omid, a boy who was able to go to school as a result of his community’s action Read More

Empowering Women and Communities in Afghanistan

06-26-13 | RI

Learn how Madina’s life improved after receiving a loan from the community “Sanduk” (savings box) established through RI’s program Read More

Join us in empowering more women business owners

06-25-13 | RI

RI partners with Kiva and the Cherie Blair Foundation to break new ground in small enterprise lending for Iraqi women Read More

UN’s Valerie Amos Visits RI’s Clinic in the Zam Zam Refugee Camp

06-05-13 | RI

Learn more about UN Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Valerie Amos’s recent visit to RI’s programs in the Zam Zam refugee camp, Sudan Read More

RI Helps Families in the Sundarban Forest in Bangladesh Sustain their Livelihoods and Adapt to Climate Change

05-31-13 | RI

Learn more about RI’s work to help families in the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest gain economic and social security. Read More

RI’s EnterpriseWorks Division Launches Gyapa Website.

05-20-13 | RI

Learn more about the impressive local entrepreneurs we work with. Read More

Relief International's Education Center in the Za'atari refugee camp, Jordan

05-01-13 | RI

Find out how RI is providing a safe space for Syrian children to learn and grow Read More

RI's Education Center in the Zaatari Refugee Camp

04-11-13 | RI

Find out how RI is providing a safe space for Syrian children to learn and grow Read More

Empowering Women in Uganda with bob®

03-19-13 | RI

Learn how RI/EWV’s Domestic Rainwater Harvesting bag, bob®, is improving women’s lives by bringing clean water to their doorsteps Read More

Meet Abena Serwaa

03-07-13 | RI

Meet the women in Ghana that are leading and improving their community. Read More

Lae Lae's Story

03-01-13 | RI

Learn about how RI has helped rebuild women's livelihoods and improve food security in Myanmar. Read More

A Kitchen Full of Food for the Hakeems

02-25-13 | RI

Learn more about our food distribution and nutrition program in Yemen Read More

Making Life Easier for the Elderly in Uganda with bob®

02-07-13 | RI

Learn how RI/EWV’s Domestic Rainwater Harvesting bag, bob®, is changing the lives of elderly Ugandans Read More

Win with Chips

01-29-13 | RI

The Story of Hemmin and His Potato Chips Factory in Iraq. Read More

The Ghana WASH project

01-29-13 | RI

Learn how the Ghana WASH project is bringing safe drinking water to families. Read More

Meet Our Myanmar/Burma Team!

01-14-13 | RI

Learn About Their Ground-Breaking Work in Maternal Health & Food Security Read More

bob® Brings Safe and Clean Water to Ugandan Doorsteps

01-14-13 | RI

Learn how RI/EWV’s Domestic Rainwater Harvesting bag, bob®, is changing the lives of Ugandans Read More

Improving food security and economic growth in Senegal

12-18-12 | RI

RI/EWV helps small farmers gain access to credit Read More

Promoting Fuel-Efficient Stoves through Social Enterprise

10-17-12 | RI

Learn more about RI's Gyapa Cookstove and its impact in Ghana Read More

Malian Refugees at Agando and Chinwaren Sites

July 31, 2012 | RI

Find out more about RI's response to the needs of Malian refugees in Niger. Read More

Exploring the Potential of Games to Improve Lives

06-28-12 | RI

Learn How RI Staff is Pioneering the Use of Games in International Development. Read More

Alleviating Poverty Through Economic Empowerment

May 22, 2012 | Relief International

Kiva Partnership Connects Iraqi Entrepreneurs With Global Lenders Read More

A Glimpse From the Field

March 23, 2012 | Relief International

RI Staff Member Diana Reflects Upon RI’s Innovative Work in her Native Uganda Read More

Help Us Put Instruments Back into the Hands of Japanese Youth

March 15, 2012 | Relief International

RI Partners with the Musicians Institute to Raise Funds for Music Grants Program Read More

Read an Overview of Our Programs in Africa

March 15, 2012 | Relief International

Learn How RI's Teams Are Working to Promote Health, Education and Empowerment Read More

RI Joins the Skirball Center "To Catch A Dollar"

March 12, 2012 | Relief International

Photo Exhibit, Film Screening and Panel Event Speaks to the Power of Microfinance Read More

RI's WASH Program in Ghana is Helping to Give Women a Voice

March 8, 2012 | Relief International

Women Galvanize Their Communities on Water and Sanitation Issues Read More

RSVP For Mali Refugee Crisis Fundraiser June 13

February 18, 2012 | Relief International

Help Save Lives By Donating or Purchasing Tickets to the D.C.-based Event Today! Read More

Watch This Video, Just In From the Doro Refugee Camp in South Sudan

February 15, 2012 | Relief International

RI's Aid Worker Tiare Cross Reports on Upper Nile Crisis Read More

The Famine in the Horn of Africa is Declared Over...Now What?

February 8, 2012 | Relief International

A Must-Read: Why Somalia Still Needs Your Support Read More

RI Launches Twitter Account

February 6, 2012 | Relief International

Follow Us For Updates, News and Upcoming Events! Read More

Notes From the Field in South Sudan

February 3, 2012 | Relief International

Read Frequent Posts from RI's Aid Worker Tiare Cross Read More

RI's Cookstoves in Ghana Can Now Make An Even Greater Impact

January 26, 2012 | Relief International

RI/EWV Receives Largest Single Issuance for Innovative Project Read More

Improving Community Water Access, One Borehole At a Time

January 17, 2012 | Relief International

Positive Impacts in Ghana's Central Region Read More

RI's Child Friendly Spaces Helps to Give Kids the Chance to Be Kids

January 12, 2012 | Relief International

Providing a Safe Haven for Children in Haiti Read More

Learn How RI is Helping to Empower Widows in Iraq

January 9, 2012 | Relief International

"Working Has Given Me Back My Dignity." Read More

Goats for Haiti Project -- We Asked, You Gave

January 5, 2012 | Relief International

Learn How Your Generous Donations are Changing Lives Read More

Warming Up Bangladesh for the Holidays

December 23, 2011 | Relief International

RI and CYC Distribute 1,200 Warm Clothes to 700 People In Need Read More

RI Volunteer Larissa Maris Reports From the Horn of Africa

December 23, 2011 | Relief International

Read the Words of A Volunteer On the Ground Read More

Giving Hope to the Victims of the Philippines Deadly Flash Floods

December 23, 2011 | Relief International

Update From the Field Team Read More

Saving Children’s Lives, One Medicine at a Time

December 22, 2011 | Relief International

Learn About the Impact of AmeriCares Donations to RI’s Programs in Darfur Read More

RI VP of Programs John Maris "Goes Back to School" in Somalia

December 22, 2011 | Relief International

Watch the Video to See a School Where RI is Improving Conditions for Students Read More

Creating Visions for the World’s Water Spply

December 13, 2011 | Relief International

RI Participates in International Rural Water Supply Network Forum Read More

Come JAM4JAPAN With us at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles March 10!

November 15, 2011 | Relief International

Learn More About Our Benefit Concert and Purchase Tickets Today Read More

Shop for a Cause and Give the Gift of Life

November 9, 2011 | Relief International

Our Unique Handcrafted Relief Beads Make the Perfect Holiday Gift Read More

Orphans in Turkey Need Your Help Now

October 31, 2011 | Relief International

Please Contribute to the Fund for Orphans of Turkey Earthquake TODAY! Read More

RI Releases Anticipated Survey From Iraq

October 12, 2011 | Relief International

Learn More About the Conditions of Widowhood Read More

RI Rated in 'Top 3' Relief and Development Charities

October 5, 2011 | Relief International

Charity Navigator's New Rating System is in Effect -- Check Out Our 4-Star Rating! Read More

Increasing Access to Clean Water in Ghana

October 4, 2011 | Relief International

Innovative CrystalPur Water Filters Increase Health (and Attendance!) in Schools Read More

Rural Women's Microcredit Program in Iran

September 30, 2011 | Relief International

Give a Loan, and Change a Woman's Life, Today Read More

RI's School Libraries Programs

September 19, 2011 | Relief International

Learn how you can change the future of Afghanistan and Pakistan's youth -- one library at a time. Read More

RI's Dania Gharaibeh Reports from the Famine

August 29, 2011 | Relief International

Conducting Vulnerability Assessments in the Somali Region of Ethiopia Read More

Fighting Famine at its Source

August 29, 2011 | Relief International

A Recap of RI's Response in the Horn of Africa Read More

The Worst Famine to Hit Africa in 60 Years

August 10, 2011 | Relief International

RI is at the Heart of the Crisis in Somalia -- Help Save a Child's Life TODAY Read More

RI Lebanon Holds Collaborative Event with USAID

July 22, 2011 | Relief International

Policy makers, officials and NGO workers reflect on the successes of empowerment program Read More

RI Introduces “bob” to Ugandans

July 1, 2011 | Relief International

Innovative Rain Water Bag Provides Families with More Water for Less Work Read More

Assessing Urgent Needs in Libya

June 23, 2011 | Relief International

Our Team is Working to Identify Humanitarian Needs Throughout the Region Read More

Notes From the Field

June 22, 2011 | Relief International

Learn More About RI Staff Member Meagan Sutton's Visit to Dhaka, Bangladesh Read More

World Refugee Day 2011

| Relief International

Learn What RI is Doing to Support UNCHR's Campaign: "One refugee without hope is too many." Read More

Reception Featuring Japan Ambassador in Los Angeles

June 17, 2011 | Relief International

Read the Ambassador's Thoughts and Learn More About RI's On-the ground Efforts in Japan Read More

Providing a Jumpstart for Livelihoods in Sri Lanka

| Relief International

Learn How RI is Helping to Rebuilding Lives Through a Unique “Relief to Development” Approach Read More

Improving Access to Clean Water in South Sudan

| Relief International

Learn About RI Senior Program Development Officer Virginia Zaunbrecher's Visit to the Upper Nile State Read More

Rebuilding Hope Through Livestock in Pakistan

| Relief International

RI and the American Pakistan Foundation helps flood-affected communities Read More

Celebrating Earth Day 2011

| Relief International

Read more about Relief International's pioneering conservation efforts in the Philippines Read More

RI Board Member Receives Prestigious Award

| Relief International

Learn more about Hernando Garzon's Recognition through the “David Lawrence Community Service Award” Read More

RI Hosts Global Disaster Preparedness Training Event at UCLA

| Relief International

Learn about RI's event with Kaiser-Permanente, RED Team opportunities and more! Read More

Our Team in Ghana Launches Unique Contest for Ghanaian Innovators

| Relief International

Learn how the contest seeks creative ways to improve water and sanitation Read More

RI Team Members Put Aid Work in Perspective

| Relief International

“When you work in development, it’s not just work anymore. It’s personal.” -RI's Dania Gharaibeh, Pakistan Read More

Celebrating World Water Day

March 22, 2011 | Relief International

Discover how Relief International is providing safe and accessible water through our manual drilling projects Read More

Reaching Survivors in Japan

| Relief International

RI is working with Japanese aid groups to provide immediate medical support and supplies to survivors. Read More

Empowering Children Through Education

| Relief International

Board Member Sara Abbasi describes her experience as she visits schools in Pakistan. Read More

Creating Opportunity in Rural Lebanon

| Relief International

Relief International holds responsible tourism networking session. Read More

Southern Sudan: Blog from the Field

January 28, 2011 - Juba, Southern Sudan | Tiare Cross

Stepping off the plane in Juba brought an immediate smile to my face and a feeling of excitement to be here in the capital of Southern Sudan, a country on the brink of coming into its own. During the two decades of conflict, two million lives were lost in the fight for autonomy, freedom, self-rule, right to choose and independence. Read More

Severe Cold Wave Hits Bangladesh - RI Brings Warmth to Those Who Need it Most

Saturday, 22 January 2011 | RI-Bangladesh

"The severe cold wave that hit Bangladesh this winter caused suffering among the nation’s people, and has claimed the lives of those who are particularly vulnerable. Devoid of warm clothes and proper shelter, street children in Bangladesh have been among those who are hit hardest." Read More

Uganda Program Manager Unveils Innovative Rainwater Bag

Thursday, 09 September 2010 | Relief International

"At the 2010 World Water Week conference in Stockholm, our Technical Director Jon Naugle and Uganda Program Manager Tom Opio-Oming presented RI/EWV's Domestic Rainwater Harvesting Pilot Project, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation." Read More

Haiti desk Officer David Harbin reports from the field

Friday, 11 June 2010 | David Harbin, Haiti Desk Officer

"I returned to Haiti in April to fill in for staff who had been on the ground since January, and in strong need of some R&R. The arrival in Port-au-Prince was much less dramatic. This time it was a normal commercial jet. No earplugs required, or running around on the taxiways with tents and medicine. Someone was there to pick me up at the airport..."

Read More

Reflecting on 20 Years of Service

| Farshad Rastegar

"Dear Friends,

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of Relief International. We started our work on June 20, 1990 with a small group of volunteers working in a warehouse and a small one-room office. Yet we called ourselves Relief International..."

Read More

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