Health Care, Water and Education for Syrian Refugees

The destruction of health care facilities and continued conflict make it difficult for people in Northern Syria to get basic medical attention. Relief International, with funding from the European Commission on Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO), is working from its base in Gaziantep, Turkey to reach the vulnerable Syrian communities of Aleppo, Deir Az Zour, Idleb and Hama. RI partners with local Syrian and Turkish NGOs to provide free access to primary and reproductive health care, as well as safe drinking water, for 30,000 people.

To support the growing Syrian refugee community in Gaziantep and its Turkish hosts, Relief International has created community centers to support the educational and psychosocial needs of children in both refugee and host communities. The program targets the children most likely to drop out of school for financial reasons and makes cash distributions to those families. Cash installments of ₺300 ($100) have been delivered to 112 families to help cover food and household costs so that their children can stay in school.

Overall, this ECHO program targets the immediate health needs of conflict-affected Syrians, and supports refugee education to maintain their standard of living.