Sudan is a country with complex challenges. The northern regions are covered by desert and afflicted by extreme summers and winters, posing obstacles to food production and leading to outbreaks of malaria and other disease. The population suffers from severe malnutrition, and conflict continues to force people from their homes.

Relief International arrived in Darfur in 2004 to combat the food crisis created by the displacement of civilians. With just $10,000 in private funds, RI purchased hundreds of chickens and distributed them to households, ensuring a steady supply of eggs for food. Since then, we have created an award-winning nutrition program focused on prevention and community leadership. We train mother-to-mother networks in nutrition and hygiene, and educate elders who can influence younger generations.

Our health and nutrition programs reach remote areas of Darfur that otherwise would have few services. RI’s work in Sudan:

  • Delivers award-winning nutrition services in Darfur. We team with the community to treat malnourished children, diversify diets and train community information networks.
  • Provides vaccinations, reproductive health, prenatal care, and maternity care. RI also trains national health service providers
  • Builds and restores water infrastructure, and promotes proper hygiene and sanitation

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