Niger: Assistance to Malian Refugees


Since January 2012, Malian families have been fleeing violence due to ethnic tensions and rebellion, pouring into refugee camps in neighboring Niger. Along with food insecurity and years of drought, the refugee population is expected to grow as violence continues to push Malians across the border. Currently there are over 15,000 refugees residing in the Northern Tahoua province of Niger who remain in need of assistance.
The Malian refugee population in Niger is in dire need of food, potable water, shelter, and health and hygiene services. With funding from the Department of State, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, since September 2012, Relief International has been aiding women and children in the Northern Tahoua camps to meet their emergency and long term needs.
Relief International is assisting Malian families by:
  • Providing emergency shelter kits with a durable, rain and wind-resistant and culturally-appropriate design to 1500 refugee families with children
  • Improving health and hygiene services by:
    • Providing medical services and reconstructing and expanding a health clinic.
    • Distributing clean delivery kits to 500 women;  supplying hygiene kits for 1508 families with children; and providing 2821 families with access to medicines.
    • Through our local partner, Animas-Sutura, Relief International is providing sensitization and training activities to reach at least 2821 people to increase the population’s awareness on reproductive health and other health issues such as water-borne disease and malaria.
  • Restoring the livelihoods of 300 women by providing livestock assets such as goats to improve food security; training 908 women in revenue-generating activities; and providing start-up grants to 225-450 women to expand their revenue-generating activities into the local market.
The need for life-saving relief is great as the humanitarian crisis in Mali and neighboring countries continues to grow. To help families survive and rebuild their lives, donate to the Mali Refugee Assistance Fund Here

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