Past Program: Youth-Build Boyle Heights Charter School Program

Boyle Heights is one of the most densely populated communities in Los Angeles. Youth make up the majority of its inhabitants. Significantly, 42 percent of Boyle Heights residents have less than a ninth grade education, compared to the state average of 10 percent. The community also suffers from a significantly high unemployment rate putting a quarter of the population at or below the poverty line, making Boyle Heights one of the most vulnerable areas in the state of California and the nation.

Relief International’s Boyle Heights Charter School program works to transform the community by providing youth an opportunity to receive a culturally relevant education themed in social justice, community development, and environmental studies. Students have access to post secondary education and advanced training; green building and manufacturing training; and locally grown food access and distribution training. The Relief International School is part of the Youth Build network and provides a well-rounded education placing youth on a direct path to university entrance. Our aim is for the students to grow intellectually, but also socially and emotionally as successful individuals, who learn to become leaders who in turn take initiative to change their community’s future.

Relief International aims to make the Boyle Heights Charter School among the highest performing programs on a local, state, and national level in terms of youth leadership development, academics, green building construction, and college and career placement. To achieve this, the school focuses on delivering the following objectives:

  • Establish a 70% job placement rate among students
  • Establish a 75% graduation rate among students
  • Strive for near 100% placement and extensive post secondary educational programming