Sri Lanka

In December 2004, Sri Lanka was struck by a devastating tsunami that left tens of thousands dead. Thousands still were left without homes and livelihoods. Relief International was one of the first international organizations to deploy medical teams to assist with emergency needs. Relief International also worked with local communities to construct damaged infrastructure and restore livelihoods.

Sri Lanka is at a crossroads in its development. While in recovery, Sri Lanka faces a host of new challenges in the post-war era. Mass displacement during the final phases of the conflict in 2008-2009 has left over 300,000 people without homes, livelihoods or basic services.

Populations that are eager to restart their livelihood activities simply do not have the resources to do so. Despite challenges, Sri Lanka is a blank canvas for positive change. Perhaps more so than at any other time in Sri Lankan history, the nation can lay a strong foundation for a peaceful and prosperous future. Relief International is doing its part to contribute to this process of rehabilitation, development and reconciliation.


Sri Lanka - Current Programs

Sri Lanka: Child Protection, Emergency Response
To provide essential child protection services to vulnerable, war-affected youth in Sri Lanka's North. Learn More...

Sri Lanka: Communities Rebuilding Communities, Hand in Hand-KNH
To provide life-saving services, reduce poverty and empower war-affected populations in North Sri Lanka. Learn More...

Sri Lanka: Access to Information
To provide displaced and resettled population with access to information. Learn More...


Sri Lanka - Past Programs