Senegal, with an estimated population of 12 million in 2010, has a long history of democracy. Since independence in 1960, the country has been highly visible in the international community and maintains a relatively stable political and social environment except in the Southern part of the country (Casamance). Starting in the 1980s, the region faced a conflict aimed at independence from Senegal. Despite a peace agreement, there are still sporadic episodes of violence. The area has been exposed to civil conflict for over two decades - chasing away tourism revenue, leaving countless acres of land unusable due to landmines, and causing undeveloped infrastructure.

RI/EWV is managing efforts to produce self-sustaining and profitable manufacturing and commercial activities that have yielded concrete benefits for small Senegalese farmers and entrepreneurs. RI is working to stimulate growth, competitiveness and trade in a variety of subsectors, while also addressing food security issues.


Senegal - Current Programs

Senegal: Economic Growth Project (EGP)
The EGP project, an Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQC), is implemented by a consortium of local and international organizations. IRG (International Resource Groups) being the prime partner, and RI/EWV a partner involved in various components. Learn More...

Senegal: Millennium Water and Sanitation Program
The Senegal Millenium Water and Sanitation Program project, also known as USAID-PEPAM project aims to improve sustainable access to WSS and promote better hygiene in targeted rural, small town, and peri-urban areas of Senegal by working in four components. Learn More...