Yemen is the poorest country in the Arab region and struggles with chronic underdevelopment and instability. Malnutrition, food and water shortages, rampant unemployment and illiteracy, and high gender inequalities have been compounded by civil conflict. Since 2004, fighting between the Government of Yemen and Al Houthi rebels has displaced an estimated 175,000 people. In August 2009 an escalation in the conflict worsened the humanitarian situation and RI joined the international response in February 2010 to meet the needs of the growing IDP population. Relief International is providing emergency shelter and health care for families in displacement camps and expanding its operations to incentivize youth to invest in both themselves and Yemen's economic and social development.


Yemen - Current Programs

Yemen: Fostering Youth Entrepreneurship and Civic Participation
Relief International is harnessing the innovation of urban and rural youth to cultivate young role models and promote socially and environmentally-responsible entrepreneurship. Learn More...

Yemen: Fighting Zoonotic Diseases among Vulnerable Communities
To strengthen vulnerable communities, Relief International is raising awareness about zoonosis—diseases or infections that can be transmitted from animals to humans or vise-versa—among livestock herders, health practitioners, and policy makers, thereby decreasing incidence of disease that can threaten livelihoods. Learn More...


Yemen - Past Programs