South Sudan

About 51 percent of the people in South Sudan live below the poverty line. The maternal mortality rate is among the highest worldwide and female illiteracy rates exceed 80 percent. Although the rankings are alarming, the nation's birth on July 9, 2011 provides greater reason to be involved as several of these families are returning with hopes of a better life. This population remains especially vulnerable as the region lacks economic opportunity and has been nearly completely evacuated over the course of the long civil war.

Relief International is primarily working in Mabaan and Longuchuk counties of Upper Nile State to focus on returnees who have spent years or possibly generations as refugees. Programs maintain a strong focus on the development of market infrastructure through its construction and growth of linkages while also targeting employment, health and education. In order to ensure country-specific aid and long-term effectiveness, Relief International works with the knowledge of returnees and builds upon existing and damaged infrastructure.

Violence that broke out on December 15, 2013 due to internal divisions has quickly spread and a severe humanitarian emergency has emerged. An estimated 900,000 people have been displaced as they fled violence inside South Sudan and across borders into the neighboring countries. A ceasefire brokered in late January has been short-lived as violence resumed on February 18, 2014 in Malakal, the capital city of Upper Nile State. In the wake of the recent crisis, Relief International is one of a few organizations with an established presence in Malakal responding to the urgent needs of displaced families and children which number more than 20,000, many of them living in or around the UN compound in Malakal. Learn more about our response here.


South Sudan - Current Programs

Developing and Improving Primary Health Care, Providing Emergency and Nutritional Services in Mabaan County and Upper Nile State
Relief International operates primary and mobile health clinics with a focus on reproductive healthcare. Learn More...

Assistance to Returnees in Mabaan County
To increase health and education, Relief International supplies Mabaan County with training and equipment. Learn More...


South Sudan - Past Programs