Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. It has been fraught with serious environmental degradation, high unemployment rates and gender inequities, all of which have created a strong need for development assistance. Compounding these issues, Bangladesh is geographically situated so that it bears the brunt of frequent natural disasters, such as severe floods and cyclones.

Due to these varying challenges, Relief International is utilizing both expertise and resources to build the capacity of communities through the use of innovative educational and ICT programs, livelihoods training and assets. Relief International also believes in lasting partnership with indigenous organizations in order to further enhance their ability to benefit marginalized communities in the country.

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Bangladesh - Current Programs

Bangladesh: Fighting Zoonoses
RI is working to reduce the spread of zoonoses and mitigate its impact upon the growing population Learn More...

Bangladesh: Promoting Local Culture in the Sundarbans through Ecotourism and Entrepreneurship
With support from the European Union, RI is working to build respect for the significance of the Sundarbans Impact Zone (SIZ) through the development of cultural tourism and entrepreneurship. Learn More...

Bangladesh: Protecting Victims of Human Trafficking
With a special emphasis on male migrant workers, RI is training local NGOs and community-based organizations to identify victims of trafficking, provide victim support, and raise awareness of victims’ legal rights. Learn More...

Bangladesh: Social and Economic Security for Traditional Resource Users of the Sundarbans
The Sundarbans provides livelihoods for a vast majority of the population living in and around the SIZ, who suffer from chronic poverty and lack access to decent work or social security schemes. Learn More...


Bangladesh - Past Programs