Since 2006, Relief International (RI) has been working in Lebanon to provide immediate relief and long-term support to communities across the country. Through partnering with several organizations; RI Lebanon succeeded to launch different projects in the field of information and communications technology and in local economic development.

The violence that spread across the Middle East in the summer of 2006 caused more than 500,000 people to flee their homes. Lebanon in particular suffered widespread infrastructural damage and destruction to countless homes and municipal buildings. RI immediately deployed an emergency team to provide urgently needed food, water, and sanitation supplies to displaced individuals.

On March 15, 2011, the unrest in Syria began as a part of the Arab Spring in the Middle East. Currently, more than two million Syrians are displaced across five countries. In spite the willingness of Lebanese communities to host Syrian refugees, increasing pressure on resources, including jobs, education and housing, have caused worsening tensions and occurrences of harassment, as more than 620,000 Syrian refugees live in Lebanon. In 2012, Relief International set up life-saving operations in Lebanon to assist Syrian refugees living in vulnerable conflict-affected host communities.

The operating education program in Lebanon currently includes accelerated learning programs (ALP) in 25 schools and 4 private education centers across Tripoli, Beirut and Mount Lebanon. By the end of November 2013, RI expects to have assisted out-of-school Syrian children to become enrolled in the formal education system as a result of their participation in the accelerated learning program which focused on the foreign languages, math, and science. RI has incorporated a water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) component which focuses on infrastructure rehabilitation and construction to improve the WASH facilities in these schools, as well as hygiene promotion sessions for both school personnel and parents. Additionally, RI has recently established health and nutrition programs in North Lebanon, Mount Lebanon, and Beirut.


Lebanon - Current Programs

Yehya's Story - Health and Nutrition for the Most Vulnerable
RI's Community Nutrition Promoters came across Yehya while offering medical services to refugee children around West Bekaa area. During the first examination, they diagnosed Yehya as having a case of Severe Acute Malnutrition - a life-threatening condition requiring urgent treatment. Learn More...

Commemorating International Women's Day with Syrian Refugees
On Friday March 6, 2015, Relief International (RI) team visited the Marj Camp, an informal settlement for Syrian refugees in West Bekaa, Lebanon, where RI met with a group of Syrian women to commemorate together International Women’s Day on March 8. Learn More...

Lebanon: Improving Primary Health and Nutrition Services to Syrian Refugees and Vulnerable Host Communities in Beirut, Mount Lebanon, and North Lebanon
With support from UNICEF, RI is providing access to basic life-saving health and nutrition services to Syrian refugees and the vulnerable Lebanese population in Beirut, Mount Lebanon, and North Lebanon residing in both urban environments and informal tented settlements. Learn More...

Lebanon: Providing Access to Safe and Quality Education for Thousands of Syrian Refugee and Affected Lebanese Children
RI is implementing a six-month program to assist Syrian refugees and Lebanese host community school children in Beirut, North Lebanon, and Mount Lebanon Governorates. Learn More...

Lebanon: Improving WASH Facilities for Syrian Refugees and Affected Populations in North Lebanon
Relief International is working to ensure that Syrian refugees and host communities in northern Lebanon have access to adequate water and sanitation facilities and engage in healthy hygiene practices. Learn More...


Lebanon - Past Programs