Millions Pushed Towards Famine in Yemen

As fighting intensifies in Yemen, the number of people on the brink of famine is expected to rise from 8.5 to 17 million – two out of every five people –in the next three months. Yemen traditionally imports 90 percent of its food, but the three-year-long civil war routinely blocks life-saving shipments from reaching the country’s most vulnerable. 

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Moneer, aged 40, and his son Sami register for RI's general food distribution program.

Behind these statistics are real people. Men, women and children whose lives teeter on the brink of starvation every single day. People in dire need of assistance. 

We need your help to provide immediate assistance to families in Yemen caught in the middle of the world’s worst hunger crisis.

Relief International has been working in Yemen since 2009 – prior to the onset of the country’s civil war—to deliver critical services to Yemeni families living in remote reaches of the country. 

The war’s economic toll has had perhaps the greatest daily impact in the lives of Yemeni families. Already the poorest country on the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen’s economic problems may kill more people than bombs and guns after food prices doubled in some parts of the country. And still the Yemeni riyal continues to plummet – exchanging at 630 to one U.S. dollar. Soaring food prices have pushed basic food staples— like rice, lentils or vegetables— out of reach for many families. Instead, skipping meals to conserve limited food rations has become a common, yet heartbreaking, reality for the majority of people in Yemen.

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RI staff distribute food vouchers to a beneficiary.

We’re working with our partner the World Food Programme to stave off intense, famine-like conditions by delivering food assistance to nearly 450,000 people every month. Through the distribution of food baskets, vouchers, and direct cash support, RI teams are responding to families’ urgent needs by helping to ensure they have enough to eat.

Hunger in Yemen is expected to skyrocket in the coming months, forcing millions of lives closer to the brink of starvation, and even death. With no end to the conflict in sight, the humanitarian situation in Yemen is only expected to worsen. 

Relief International helps to meet other critical needs sparked by Yemen’s ongoing civil war by:

  • Supporting 134 primary healthcare facilities and 13 mobile medical teams that provide health and nutrition services to more than 1.2 million people
  • Delivering emergency provisions of food, shelter, hygiene kits, and other basic necessities to more than 3,000 displaced families fleeing escalating violence in Hodeida
  • Preventing the spread of disease outbreaks like cholera, diphtheria, and measles by providing emergency health services and vaccinations to nearly 110,000 people
  • Training nearly 1,200 community health workers to provide quality healthcare in some of the most remote corners of the country