RI's Response to Rohingya Refugee Crisis

Since August 25, an estimated 630,000 Rohingya refugees have poured into Bangladesh from neighboring Myanmar, severely straining resources and prompting the world’s newest humanitarian crisis.



Relief International immediately deployed an emergency team to the Cox’s Bazar area of Bangladesh, where the majority of refugees have established makeshift settlements. Relief International has begun working to address the water, health and hygiene issues created by severe overcrowding and to erect safe spaces for women and children. Poor sanitation and a lack of clean water in the crowded coastal camps may soon provoke a disease epidemic. 

The extreme conditions also threaten to increase the trafficking of young girls and women, a situation Relief International has been battling in Cox’s Bazar for many years. These conditions have been complicated by recent flooding, which has displaced many people living in low-lying areas of the makeshift camps.  


This short video provides an overview of Relief International's response to the Rohingya refugee crisis developing in Bangladesh: 

RI's Response to Rohingya Refugee Crisis in Bangladesh