Educate Girls, End Poverty

Relief International is currently working in 196 schools in Somalia to give girls the opportunity to get an education. Graduation empowers young women to break the cycle of poverty. The “Educate Girls, End Poverty” program is funded by the UK Government as part of the Girls’ Education Challenge Fund, which pledges to give one million marginalized girls across 22 countries a full education. 

Relief International’s objectives are to:

  • Support the education of more than 59,000 girls of whom 27,500 are consider marginalized. Nearly 3,400 particularly vulnerable girls receive a one-year scholarship. 
  • Provide a more gender-sensitive environment for learning in primary and secondary schools, including the training of more female teachers.
  • Routinely monitor gender equality with the Ministries of Education.
  • Involve Somali mothers and girls in education policy, monitoring and budgeting.
  • Build schools with water points, latrines and additional classrooms.
  • Provide recreational items and hygiene kits for girls.
  • Encourage behavior change and raise awareness about the importance of female education through peer-to-peer mentors and tutors.
  • Support school feeding and deworming programs (for boys and girls).
  • Create a positive environment with awards and recognition of schools, teachers and students.
  • Provide solar lamps to support learning at home.