The African continent faces many challenges: weak or absent education systems, food insecurity, political conflict, water and hygiene issues, and of course, health crises such as the 2014 Ebola outbreak.

Relief International partners with communities in east and west Africa to address the immediate needs of people affected by these challenges. We also offer programs designed to deliver long-term health and hygiene, economic well being, and educational opportunities, especially for women and girls.

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Stories from Africa

Ghana is one of West Africa’s great success stories, with sustained economic growth over the last decade and a steady march toward becoming a middle-income country. Its challenge is to balance this economic expansion and rapid urbanization with sustainable resource management, job creation and...
Guinea is rich in resources and potential. But development in this West African nation has been thwarted by a range of factors: Fragile and ineffective government stalls services. A hobbled infrastructure means long journeys for short distances. Ethnic tensions wax and wane. Slash-and-burn...
Relief International first worked in Niger in 1998 and closed its projects in August 2014.
Relief International first worked in Senegal in 1990 and closed its projects in June 2014.
Somalia has experienced more than 20 years of conflict and has for decades been classified as a failed state. A lack of food, water and other needs, and the absence of essential services such as healthcare and education have forced a generation of people from their homes. Continuous fighting has...
South Sudan is the world’s newest country — and one of the most turbulent. Internal conflict has displaced more than 2 million people and communities face famine, malnutrition, disease and displacement. Relief International began work in South Sudan in 2006, responding to public health crises...
Sudan is a country with complex challenges, where the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate. In 2003, fighting broke out in the western region of Darfur, displacing more than two million people. Today, Darfur remains volatile and insecure, with continued small-scale conflict and...
Relief International first worked in Uganda in 2017 and closed its projects in April 2019.