Ghana is one of West Africa’s great success stories, with sustained economic growth over the last decade and a steady march toward becoming a middle-income country. Its challenge is to balance this economic expansion and rapid urbanization with sustainable resource management, job creation and other unintended consequences of change.

Relief International teams with communities and local leaders in Ghana to deliver inexpensive, efficient solutions to these and other challenges. Despite the growth, many houses, schools and clinics still lack basic sanitation facilities. Ghana also logs West Africa’s highest per-capita consumption of charcoal for cooking, creating air pollution that threatens public and environmental health.

  • We empower these communities to design and implement programs that work for them. RI’s work in Ghana:
  • Enables communities to create essential infrastructure — wells, latrines, boreholes — and cost-efficient water filtration systems
  • Supports production and distribution of fuel-efficient cookstoves, allowing communities to cook cleaner and to sell carbon offset credits
  • Ensures proper management of facilities and healthy hygiene habits by training local government, community leaders and organizations such as school health clubs.  

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