Relief International first worked in Senegal in 1990 and closed its projects in June 2014.

Like many African countries, Senegal’s economy is driven by agriculture. It has a rich history cultivating crops from hibiscus to mangos to cashews to food additives such as gum Arabic. But today, the nearby desert has begun encroaching on farmland, and effective agricultural practices are more essential than ever.

Relief International teams with communities in Senegal to create systems that stabilize their agriculture and drive their economic growth. We also enable our partners to access clean water and sanitation facilities, which fuels their own health, and the health of the economy.

RI’s work in Senegal:

  • Connects farmers with local business and technical experts, with banks and microfinancers, and with processing facilities that boost the value of their farms and products
  • Trains communities to drill manual boreholes, giving them access to safe drinking water and the tools and expertise to repeat the process and train others

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