A landlocked country with remote mountain areas, Afghanistan is prone to natural disaster that cuts off villages and supplies. Decades of conflict and contested territory add to Afghanistan’s fragile economic and political environment.

Relief International began working in Afghanistan in 2001, reconstructing schools and training midwives. Since then, we have teamed with local communities to provide emergency response to natural disasters, and to tackle challenges in health, agriculture, education, governance and civil society.

Our relationships with local communities are paramount and run deep. We prioritize earning respect and acceptance as a means to sustainable and safe work.

Targeting both short-term relief and long-term development projects, RI’s work in Afghanistan:

  • Mobilizes communities toward sustainable, democratically elected local governance bodies
  • Provides emergency response and preparatory supplies for the country’s frequent floods, earthquakes and conflict-caused displacements of people
  • Empowers farmers, breeders and veterinarians to acquire modern techniques, create effective business plans and connect with profitable markets
  • Prevents the transmission of disease from animals to humans, which threatens Afghan communities

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