Decades of conflict, recurring natural disasters, and economic turmoil have contributed to making Afghanistan one of the most fragile countries in the world today.

Relief International first began working in Afghanistan in 2001, reconstructing schools and training midwives. Since then, we have partnered with local communities to respond to natural disasters, like extreme droughts, and undertake development projects related to health, agriculture, education, governance and civil society.

In March 2019, RI welcomed the French non-governmental organization MRCA into its alliance network, which further expanded our programs, skills and footprint in Afghanistan. MRCA, now renamed MRCA/Relief International-France, has operated in the country since 1985, working to improve Afghan health facilities, community-based hygiene and sanitation projects, maternal and child healthcare, nutrition, and health-worker training.

Today, our activities in Afghanistan aim to:  

  • Empower communities to participate in democratic elections and local government, and build civic skills;
  • Deliver healthcare and training to vulnerable communities;
  • Provide emergency supplies and training in disaster risk reduction to communities affected by floods, droughts, earthquakes and mass displacement;
  • Train farmers, livestock breeders and veterinarians to reduce disease and create effective business plans that connect them with profitable markets; and
  • Work to prevent the transmission of disease from animals to humans, which threatens the health of Afghan communities.

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