Iraq is a country in turmoil, reeling from more than a decade of violence and instability. The ragged, constantly shifting conflict among tribal militias, state security forces and other militants has forced more than 3.2 million Iraqis from their homes. Violence in neighboring Syria has added roughly a quarter-million refugees to the mix. 

The on-going crisis poses one of the world’s most critical humanitarian challenges. Nearly a third of the population is expected to need life-saving aid in 2016. 

RI has been offering that aid in Iraq since 2003. But we’re also looking toward long-term needs. RI teams with vulnerable communities to lay the foundation for economic development and self-sufficiency. RI’s work in Iraq:

  • Establishes community-based water, sanitation, and hygiene committees that empower camp residents to maintain their own source of clean, safe water. The program has been recognized by UNICEF and serves as a model for other organizations.
  • Expands the skills and resources of local organizations to create business plans, develop social enterprise or income generating activities, and provide other critical services.
  • Meets essential humanitarian needs for Syrian refugees, Iraqis forced from their homes, and conflict-affected host communities, delivering healthcare, water and sanitation, and livelihoods
  • Empowers women, including roughly 500 displaced women, by connecting them with micro-credits, business skills, and links to viable markets

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