Jordan’s political stability and its location at the crossroads of the Middle East have long made it a haven for refugees. In recent decades, Jordan has sheltered Palestinian refugees and waves of people from Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia and other troubled lands. 

Relief International launched Jordan operations in 2004, offering life-saving assistance to Palestinian and Iraqi refugees and to their Jordanian host communities. Since 2012, our focus has shifted to the crisis in neighboring Syria, which has sent more than 635,000 refugees into camps and communities in Jordan. 

The current crisis has squeezed Jordan’s economic resources and sparked social tension. Jordanian receiving communities have sustained increased prices, as well as pressure on jobs and housing. Refugees in Jordan are physically and economically vulnerable, and displaced families across the border in Syria face even greater challenges. Thousands of Syrian children lack access to education. 

In this difficult environment, RI’s work in Jordan:

  • Provides critical education programs for Syrian refugees, focusing on children and young adults
  • Explores ways to offer health, water, hygiene and nutrition services that support Syrians inside Syria
  • Supports Jordanian host communities and refugee settlements with projects in sanitation and health, Internet learning, education and economic opportunity