Where We Work

At Relief International we run life-sustaining programs across 19 countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We’re there with schools and clinics and ways to make a better living. We’re there through earthquakes, floods, drought and disease. We’re helping communities achieve relief, resilience, well-being and dignity. Anytime. Anywhere. 

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The African continent faces many challenges: weak or absent education systems, food insecurity, political conflict, water and hygiene issues, and of course, health crises such as the 2014 Ebola outbreak. Relief International partners with communities in east and west Africa to address the immediate...
Working in Asia often means being in the eye of the storm — literally. The region is prone to earthquakes, typhoons and other natural disasters that can threaten already fragile political and economic environments. Humanitarian aid is a cornerstone of RI’s role in Asia. We also partner with...
Our Middle East programs address the immediate and long terms needs of people forced from their homes and the communities that welcome them. We work in refugee camps, urban centers and remote, hard-to-reach areas, bringing our integrated approach to health, clean water and sanitation, education and...