Relief International began working in Turkey in 2013, providing health and medical services across the border in Syria. But as the Syrian crisis has expanded, so has our mission. 

Today, Turkey hosts more than 2.5 million Syrian refugees, putting a tremendous burden on the country’s economy and social infrastructure. RI’s Turkey team continues to offer critical health and hygiene assistance inside Syria. But we have also created initiatives inside Turkey that target the refugee population and vulnerable members of the host communities. 

The Turkish government has welcomed and supported its Syrian neighbors, but the challenges that come with this enormous migration are huge. RI’s work in Turkey and across the border:   

  • Provides civilian healthcare in Syria: We support more than a dozen clinics that offer primary and reproductive care, and treat issues that range from flu to traumatic war injuries. We have completed more than 645,000 consultations. 

  • Repairs water pipes and treatment facilities in battered Syrian cities, restoring water service to more than 233,000 people 

  • Delivers clinical mental health services to Syrian refugees in Turkey, including children with untreated conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder 

  • Establishes community centers offering remedial education, recreational activities and psycho-social support to 6,000 high-risk Syrian and Turkish youth 

  • Provides direct cash and voucher assistance to 1,500 Syrian families to support their basic needs, such as food and household necessities