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How healthcare provisions in South Sudan are rebuilding resilience

Relief International is using local expertise to bring healthcare to people in need across Sudan and South Sudan


From Healing to Helping: Muna's Role in Transforming Lives in Türkiye

When Muna first visited the NSPPL rehabilitation center, she was a patient. Now she works at the center herself supporting others affected by war.


Providing Essential Healthcare in Syria

Nearly 15.3 million people in Syria are in need of humanitarian aid. RI doctors and nurses are doing everything they can to help.


Over one year after conflict erupted in Sudan, the humanitarian crisis continues to escalate

It has been over one year since the conflict erupted in Sudan, but the devastation shows no signs of slowing down.


Building Immunity, Building Futures in the Philippines

In the picturesque yet remote areas of the Philippines, Relief International is leading the fight against preventable diseases.


Three Crises Not To Forget in 2024

Around the world, communities are dealing with the devastating consequences of conflict, climate change, and disaster.

Recent Media


Op-Ed: Healthcare in Syria is at risk of collapse

RI Syria Country Director, Valeria Gholizadeh Gajkar, describes the dire state of healthcare in Syria in this Op-Ed in Al Jazeera.


INTERVIEW: RI Sudan Country Director Speaks on Sudan Crisis to BBC

On May 22, 2024, Kashif Shafique, RI Sudan Country Director, spoke to BBC News Day about the situation on the ground in Darfur, Sudan.


ARTICLE: Inside the Darfur camp where a child dies every two hours

Guardian article that highlights malnutrition and disease in ‘overwhelmed’ Zamzam camp, and what Relief International is doing to help

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