It’s not just a donation. It’s a lifeline for health and wellbeing.

It’s often the seemingly small things that create a profound and lasting impact – an impact that goes far beyond the present moment. In a time where crises loom large, your contribution is more than a financial transaction; it’s a direct investment in the lives of those who need it most.

Join our 2023 appeal today and become part of our mission to build healthier, more resilient communities.

For donations above 1,000.00, please explore our Patron and Council Membership  programs.

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Other Ways to Give

There are other ways you can make a difference. Choose the way that works best for you and help create a brighter future for millions of people.


Donate Cryptocurrency

We have partnered with The Giving Block so you can donate Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.



Support communities experiencing the greatest vulnerability around the world through your Trust or Foundation.



To donate by phone or mail, please review the instructions at the link below.

How donations transform lives

Omer is one of the thousands of children who have lost their limbs due to airstrikes in the Syrian war, a fate that no child should have to face. For Omer, a prosthetic limb is more than just a piece of equipment. It's the key to newfound confidence, freedom, and a future filled with possibilities.
It's not just a health clinic, it’s the heart of a community. Building healthcare centers is so much more than a structure. It's the foundation for future generations. We offer essential services such as mothers' nutrition, children's vaccines, prenatal care, mental health support and outreach services – which means better wellbeing and therefore a fairer chance at life.
Play is the universal language of childhood, and it is in these moments that children's imaginations soar. Yet, many children like, 6 year old Naghmeh, lack access to this essential experience. When you support our programs, you are not just providing a space to play; you are giving children like Naghmeh the capacity to dream and the freedom to explore.

What we achieved together in 2022

In 2022 we provided almost 15 million vital services across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


    people with increased access to clean water, sanitation services, or educated on disease prevention strategies.


    students provided with classes or training


    people with increased income from job programs run by RI


    million health consultations provided

How our funds are spent

In 2021, we invested 91% of our funds in programs and services and 8% in management, with less than 1% dedicated to fundraising efforts.