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STRATEGY 2023-2028

Promoting long-term health and wellbeing in communities affected by climate change, conflict and disaster.

Our 5-year Strategy Map paints picture of the work Relief International does and why we do it. It is a visual representation of the foundation for resilience that Relief International aims to create by promoting long-term health and wellbeing in communities affected by climate change, conflict, and disaster.


Reweaving the Social Fabric of Communities

True resilience happens when multiple partners/actors come together – like the threads– to weave together the social fabric of a community. Particularly on the heels of an emergency when the social fabric has been torn, a diversity of partnerships is essential for response and resilience.

Relief International partners with communities through crisis, response, and resilience.


Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing are central to everything that we do.  A resilient community is one that actively benefits from opportunities for greater health and wellbeing, and we at Relief International play a crucial role in pulling those threads together.

We build greater resilience and promote long-term health and wellbeing through a combination of different sectoral approaches working in tandem and through effective use of our core capacities, which are key to how we achieve mission.

Health includes the provision of primary healthcare, as well as nutrition and WASH work. We believe sustainable primary healthcare with integrated WASH and nutrition are an essential precondition to resilience.  These primary healthcare facilities, and the ecosystems around them, can create islands of stability.  In times of crisis, communities lean on and gravitate towards primary healthcare centers. They represent a place of safety, stability, and security for many families.

Wellbeing weaves together livelihoods and education.  We think of education in the broadest possible sense. Increasingly Relief International facilitates “learning to earning” pathways, life skills and preparation for livelihoods, as well as community awareness work. Wellbeing arises from the agency that comes from having the skills and opportunities to imagine and fulfil a productive future for yourself and your family.


Our Core Capacities

At Relief International, the pursuit of our mission is underpinned by a set of core capacities that define who we are and how we operate. These capacities are not only essential for achieving our mission but also reflect the values and principles that guide our actions. To successfully fulfill this mission, we recognize the significance of embodying these core capacities across our organization.

Along the bottom of the strategy story, we clearly lay out how safe and inclusive local programming, a genuine commitment to localization, our commitment to go the distance to reach those in need, context appropriate and ethical programming and climate smart approaches are all essential commitments and concrete skills we need to have in-house to do the work that we do.  Each capacity represents a fundamental aspect of who we are and the expertise we bring to the table. Together, they form the bedrock upon which Relief International’s success and impact are built.

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