RI is deploying a response team following the devastating earthquake in Nepal, including both local staff from our 20+ years of programs in country and international staff to support their work. Learn more about RI's Nepal Earthquake Response. RI hosted, with United Muslim Relief, a diaspora community conference in advance of the UN's upcoming World Humanitarian Summit - to develop an agenda that is, in the words of UMR, more inclusive, effective, and accountable. Learn more about the event. On the 4th Anniversary of the Syrian Crisis, read more about what RI is doing for the almost 11 million Syrians in need of humanitarian aid, in and out of Syria. Learn More

Syrian Refugee Crisis

More than 2.8 million have fled their homes. Learn about RI's work assisting Syrian refugees.
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Educate Girls, End Poverty

Learn how RI is inspiring change in Somalia through education
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Helping the Displaced in Pakistan

Donate to provide water, sanitation and shelter to more than 700,000 displaced people in North Waziristan.
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Offset Your Carbon Footprint

This season, consider offsetting your carbon footprint and supporting enterprise development in Ghana

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Updates From RI's Aid Workers

Providing an inside look at the daily work of our team around the world who put their lives on the line to serve communities in need.

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Because A Better World Is Possible Today.

"By creating a bridge between immediate disaster relief and long-term development, we seize this moment of change, and turn adversity into opportunity."


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