Who we are



Chip Levengood

Board Chairperson

Chip Levengood built his career in banking, spending the first half in commercial banking, operations management and


Beverly Armstrong

Independent Consultant

Beverly Morris Armstrong is an independent consultant focused on strategy, governance, international operations,


Dan Bader

Bader Philanthropies

Daniel J. Bader is President/CEO of Bader Philanthropies, Inc., a Milwaukee-based global foundation committed to


Amanda Barnes

Oxford Global Media

Amanda Barnes is a consultant specializing in strategic communication at Oxford Global Media where she develops media


Eden Collinsworth

Collinsworth & Associates

Eden Collinsworth is a former media executive and business consultant with a diverse background in international and


Stéphane Crescitz

President & CEO of ETS CRESCITZ

Stéphane Crescitz joined the Relief International Board of Directors in January 2019 when the French NGO where he is


Debra Davis

Women in the Informal Economy Globalising and Organizing (WIEGO)

Debra Marie Davis is a highly rated financial advisor specializing in institutional processes and performance. A


Dana Freyer

Global Partnership for Afghanistan

Dana H. Freyer is a lawyer and consultant to non-profit corporations on ethics and compliance. She also serves as a


Ellen Frost

East West Center and National Defense University

Ellen Frost is a Senior Advisor and Fellow at the East-West Center and a Visiting Distinguished Research Fellow at


John Gage


John Gage is now a partner with KPCB, with a primary focus on Greentech. John was formerly the Chief Researcher and


Julia Guth

The Oxford Club

Julia Guth is the Chief Executive Officer and Publisher of The Oxford Club, a private international network of


Steve Hansch

Director at International Business & Technical Consultants, Inc.

Steve Hansch joined the Board of Relief International in 1998 and has been involved in its growth and mergers


Dave Hardman

Warburg Pincus LLC, Goddard Investment Group

Dave is a managing director focused on real estate investment at Warburg Pincus LLC, a global private equity firm. He


Leon Irish

International Center for Civil Society Law

Leon (“Lee”) E. Irish is President of the International Center for Civil Society Law. His principal


Philippe Oberlin

Former Chief of Surgery

Philippe Oberlin joined the Relief International Board of Directors in January 2019 when the French NGO, MRCA, joined


Irene Wurtzel


Irene Wurtzel is a playwright, and teacher of playwriting. She is a winner of the Margo Jones Playwriting award, the