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Students wash their hands before returning to class in Jordan's Za’atari refugee camp.

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Students wash their hands before returning to class in Jordan's Za’atari refugee camp.


Press Release

Gyapa Project issues a further one million Gold Standard Carbon Credits

Press Release

Gyapa Project issues a further one million Gold Standard Carbon Credits

ClimateCare and Relief International’s Gyapa™ Cookstoves project has issued a further one million independently verified Gold Standard Carbon credits, bringing the total emission reductions achieved by the project to more than four million tonnes over 10 years.

This world-leading project provides clean, efficient cookstoves to families in Ghana. Each efficient stove uses just half the fuel of traditional alternatives, which not only cuts carbon emissions and reduces local deforestation, but also saves families money. The average Gyapa™ stove user saves over $100 a year on fuel bills – a collective saving of over $165 million for families across Ghana so far. Savings that families use for school fees, healthier food, and medicine.

The project has now become the largest provider of cookstoves direct to consumers in Ghana. Its 180 skilled local ceramicists and metal workers produce on average 17,750 new stoves a month and nearly 1.5 million stoves have been sold to date.

The Gyapa™ stoves are locally manufactured near Accra and Kumasi, Ghana. Investing in staff training and skills is a key part of the project and the project has used some of the revenue generated through sale of carbon credits to develop a high-spec manufacturing facility in Kumasi, and a new facility in Accra – improving the working conditions of its manufacturing workforce. In addition, the project provides income for more than 600 retailers across the country.

“This project is a great example of how a partnership which combines local and international expertise - ClimateCare, Ghana partner, SUDRA, and Relief International is delivering a long-term, sustainable, supply of fuel efficient stoves that fit the needs of local Ghanaian families,” says Ann Koontz, Senior Vice President for Technical Assistance at Relief International.

“Development of the 100% local Gyapa™ stove supply chain has taken sustained dedication of Gyapa’s ceramicists, metal workers, and retailers, as well as the commitment of all partners to maintain high quality control standards. With Gyapa sales increasing each year, Ghanian consumers appreciate that Gyapa™ is a quality fuel-efficient stove that saves them time and money while reducing carbon emissions.

“At Relief International, we focus our expertise on delivering a successful project on the ground, with our local partner, SUDRA, while the experts at ClimateCare manage the measurement of carbon reductions and subsequent sale of credits that provide regular, long-term income that ensures sustained stove quality and allows for project expansion.”

“This is a highly successful and effective carbon reduction project that also delivers real benefits for local communities through increased employment and cleaner, cheaper, more effective cooking.” Says Margaret Kim CEO of Gold Standard, the standard under which the project and its climate and development benefits have been certified.

“This is a great example of a win-win for the climate and the community. People don’t automatically think that changing how communities cook can have such a dramatic impact on our climate. Not only is this project saving people in Ghana millions of dollars every year, it’s cutting as much carbon as taking over 860,000 cars off the road for a year. It’s exactly the kind of project that we want to see more of. Organisations and individuals who want to go climate neutral and offset their carbon footprint through ClimateCare will have the chance to do so through the Gyapa™ Stoves project and support its continued expansion and success,” explains Vaughan Lindsay CEO, of ClimateCare.