South Sudan

South Sudan is the world’s newest country — and one of the most turbulent. Internal conflict has displaced more than 2 million people and communities face famine, malnutrition, disease and displacement.

Relief International began work in South Sudan in 2006, responding to public health crises facing refugees and their host communities. By serving both of these groups, we have earned their respect and have forged strong ties with local organizations, government and diverse communities.

RI is also the only organization battling malnutrition and other health issues in the hard-to-reach Longechuk area and one of the few in Maban, places that would otherwise be without any aid at all. RI’s work in South Sudan:

  • Trains networks of mothers to lead their communities in nutrition practices, such as extended breastfeeding, and in proper hygiene
  • Fights famine by teaching agricultural skills to refugees so they can envision a secure future, without food aid
  • Tackles severe and moderate malnutrition through community health clinics, which offer the only healthcare services in hard-to-reach areas

Learn more about our work in South Sudan below.