Myanmar offers a complex web of optimism and struggle: A shift toward democracy, continued internal conflict, extreme weather events and fragile terrain. But the country formerly known as Burma also is rich in natural resources. It is called “the breadbasket of Asia” for its fertile soil.  

Relief International began work in Myanmar in 2008 after Cyclone Nargis killed more than 138,000 people and destroyed much of the country’s farmland. Today, we continue to serve humanitarian needs, but also focus on long-term, sustainable development. We team with local communities, government and other organizations to serve some of the country’s most neglected and vulnerable populations.

RI’s work in Myanmar: 

  • Bridges the gap between townships and the capital, empowering rural populations to advocate for themselves with policymakers 
  • Supports community-driven development of livelihoods using  Myanmar’s natural and other resources 
  • Partners with local authorities to train healthcare workers, provide medical supplies and support emergency maternal care
  • Provides emergency response after natural disasters, and invests in the long-term rebuilding of livelihoods, including the restoration of crops and livestock  
  • Serves the country’s displaced people and others living in conflict-affected areas by providing life-saving humanitarian aid and advocating for their return home

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