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As a result of the ongoing conflict in the occupied Palestinian territory, communities in Gaza and the West Bank are experiencing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. Over 28,000 have been killed, over 69,000 have been injured, and approximately 2.4 million are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. Moreover, the deteriorating security situation coupled with significant restrictions on aid agency operations means the basic needs of Palestinians in the region will continue to grow.

In Gaza, approximately 60% of residential housing has been destroyed, and many health facilities, bakeries, markets and water amenities have been directly targeted, impacting access to everyday essentials like medicine, food and water. Those health facilities that are still operational are unable to cope with the amount of injured people requiring treatment, and entire neighborhoods have been turned to rubble.

In parallel, communities in the West Bank are losing access to basic services and livelihoods due to the regular roadblocks and raids which renders movement of people, supplies and services extremely difficult. There has also been a significant increase in violence and destruction of Palestinian homes, leading to more displaced people in the region.

“Gaza’s healthcare system is on the verge of collapse. The majority of hospitals in the area have been destroyed by bombing, there are ongoing reports of attacks on health services and the need for healthcare services only continues to grow as more people are caught up in the violence” Laura Highton, Global Humanitarian Coordinator.

Relief International first began its operations in the occupied Palestinian territory in 2007, and has worked in both Gaza and West Bank on a variety of programming since then. Previous programming has focused on basic needs, education, gender-based violence, livelihoods, and civil society capacity building.

With the unprecedented increase in need since October 2023, Relief International is currently working with local partners to coordinate a response in the occupied Palestinian territory. This response will focus on the delivery of life-saving activities and life building services in both the West Bank and Gaza. The response will be built around two main sectors of intervention; health and education, together with emergency delivery of non-food items, nutrition services and safe water.

Relief International calls on all parties to respect International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and International Human Rights Law (IHRL) in the region.

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