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Students wash their hands before returning to class in Jordan's Za’atari refugee camp.

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Students wash their hands before returning to class in Jordan's Za’atari refugee camp.



Relief International Releases 2019 Annual Report


Relief International Releases 2019 Annual Report

Every day, people in the world’s most fragile settings step up to meet unimaginable challenges. With your support, Relief International is there to help people overcome crisis and rebuild their lives.

In our 2019 Annual Report, see and read how your steadfast support equipped Relief International’s teams to deliver more vital services to families in fragile settings than ever before. Below, meet a few of the people whose lives you helped change for the better:

  • In Iran, where severe flooding submerged 28 of Iran’s 31 provinces, our teams responded within hours to provide urgent supplies, and emergency cash assistance for those who lost everything. Our Global Humanitarian Director Azadeh Hassani shares an update from the ground.
  • In Yemen, where the war entered its fifth year, women and children are still dying from preventable causes after the collapse of the country’s health system. In 2019, our new maternity ward restored healthcare services for at least 90,000 women. For Kadija, these services proved life-saving when she went into a difficult labor.
  • In Turkey, home to more than 3.5 million Syrian refugees, we provided prosthetic limbs for people — including children — with permanent, war-related injuries. With physical therapy sessions provided by Relief International, Malika has begun to recover from her injuries.
  • In Sudan, more than 15 years after the Darfur crisis erupted, our teams offered life-saving nutrition services for mothers with young children at risk for malnutrition. Our Senior Nutrition Manager Rowida Hassan recounts one story of survival.
  • In Lebanon, where thousands of refugees survive on less than $3.84/day, we supported Syrian families with cash assistance. A single mother of three, Yara shares how this support serves as a lifeline for her family.

These powerful stories are captured within the pages of the 2019 Annual Report, where Azadeh, Kadija, Malika, Rowida, and Yara give voice to the realities of living in a fragile setting. We hope you will take a moment to read their stories and learn how much our work in fragile settings matters.

Relief International 2019 Annual Report

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