Families In Sudan and its Neighboring Countries Are Struggling To Survive


Families In Sudan and its Neighboring Countries Are Struggling To Survive

In overcrowded camps there is not enough food or medicine to go around, but our staff are doing everything we can to help

As the conflict in Sudan enters its second year, the humanitarian crisis in the region continues to grow. Thousands of families are being forced to flee their homes to avoid the vicious conflict; in some cases to other parts of the country, and in others to neighboring countries. To date, over 8.4 million people have been displaced. 

In overcrowded camps and gathering points for displaced people, there is not enough food or medicine to go around. 

Diseases and viruses such as measles, malaria, diarrhea and acute respiratory infections are prevalent, and malnutrition is rampant.

This dire situation is set to deteriorate even further with the onset of the lean season this month, sparking fears of the world’s worst hunger crisis. 

Relief International operates 40 healthcare facilities in Sudan, and even more in South Sudan.

The priority for our teams at these facilities is simply to keep people alive.  

We are doing this by providing trauma care, routine medical care, medicine, vaccines and mental health support, as well as treatment for malnutrition for as many people as we can. 


The local solutions to an international health crisis

In association with the WHO Foundation, as part of the Healthier Together series, Relief International is telling incredible stories of Sudanese refugees arriving in South Sudan and the local health care heroes who treat them.

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Help Us Support Communities Across Sudan and South Sudan

We are doing everything we can to continue providing life-saving healthcare.  

We are one of the few organizations still working in North Darfur, one of the worst affected regions in Sudan, deploying mobile clinics and expanding services to include El Fasher Southern Hospital in North Darfur’s capital city.  

We also continue to provide critical medical and nutritional support to returnees and refugees crossing over the border into Maban County South Sudan, where we are the only organization currently working. 

But we can’t do this without your support. 

You can help Relief Internatioal provide much needed healthcare and nutrition services to displaced communities.