Learning and Living at RI’s Educational Centers in Jordan


Learning and Living at RI’s Educational Centers in Jordan

RI’s educational centers in refugee camps in Jordan offer young Syrian refugees the opportunity to learn and grow. Here, four students tell us what inspires them to attend the RI center each day.

Young refugees should have the opportunity to develop and grow in a school environment.

RI’s educational centers in Azraq and Zaatari refugee camps in Jordan offer young Syrian refugees this opportunity.

The centers primarily offer support in four major subjects; Arabic, English, Math, and Science. These classes help students develop academically by providing additional support in areas that students may have problems with due to previous instability.

The centers offer more than just academic support though. They also offer opportunities for personal growth; after-school clubs and in-school activities where students can learn new skills, sports facilities where they can play games and exercise healthily, and libraries where they can access new information and knowledge.

Access to these types of opportunities is critical for young people to grow and develop.

The young refugees who come to the RI centers make the most of this opportunities. No two students come to the centers for the same reason, or use the facilities in the same way, but each of them uses it to develop, grow and pursue their dreams.

Below, Sameera, Omar, Bayan and Shaima tell us what inspires them to come to the RI educational centers each day.

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“I love coming here and I love my teachers." Sameera suffers from Muscular Dystrophy making moving around more difficult. She is able to attend RI’s center because it is equipped with ramps and has large enough classroom spaces for her wheel-chair. Sameera also likes using the center’s facilities. “Drawing is my favorite hobby. I can express my feelings and feel more comfortable when I draw,” she says. “I like to draw landscapes and, sometimes, situations I see in the camp.” The library at RI’s center is a great place to draw because it is quiet, and gives Sameer the time and space she needs to focus on her hobby.
Omar dropped out of school after fleeing the conflict in Syria. In 2018, he was enrolled in Relief International's dropout program in Za’atari camp. This year he will take his final exams to complete high school. He is currently working in a restaurant in the camp’s market, but still comes to the center regularly from 8 to 11 A.M. before work to continue his studies so that he can obtain his high school diploma.
Bayan dreams of continuing her education and becoming a dentist. She is 17, and has been coming to the Relief International center for two months now. “I take several classes including math, science and Arabic." Bayan also likes to play football with her classmates in the center.
Shaima is from Dara’a, Syria but now lives at Azraq Refugee camp. "My friends told me about Relief International’s services in the camp. I come to study and occupy my time. Studying is a priority in my life. I want to study law and become a lawyer. My personality is strong, and I want my mother to be proud of me," she says.

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RI has worked in Jordan since 2004. Currently, our programs focus on education; providing courses in Arabic, English, Math, and  Science to thousands of Syrian adolescents and young adults.