Improving Access to Health Care in Maban

Violence in both Sudan and South Sudan has pushed hundreds of thousands of people to the border region of Maban County. By October 2015, almost 200,000 people occupied four camps in the region.

Gentil Hospital serves the camp populations, and has so far provided basic emergency health and nutrition services to 75,000 refugees and host community members in Maban. The hospital includes a therapeutic feeding department, a 24/7 referral system, an in-patient department and a maternity ward.

As of December 2015, the emergency department was conducting an average of 60 consultations per day.

Each month, the hospital was admitting 50 in-patient cases and delivering 200 babies in the maternity ward.

Gentil hospital has become an integral part of community care, providing health services to nearly 50 percent of the population. The facility was funded and staffed until December 2015, when it lost its funding and external support. In order to prevent a gap in services, Relief International stepped in January 2016 with funding from The European Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO).

RI has been able to continue the services provided in the past, ensuring that the community receives life-saving nutrition and health support. 

Photos courtesy of Albert González Farran.