Boosting Food Production and Availability in South Sudan


Boosting Food Production and Availability in South Sudan

South Sudan is one of the most food-insecure countries in the world.

Food shortages, economic crisis, insecurity, and climate-related shocks have led to unprecedented levels of hunger and malnutrition across the country. Since the outbreak of conflict in 2013, livelihoods and agricultural production have been significantly disrupted, forcing millions of people from their homes in search of food.

While famine has been contained since it was declared in some parts of South Sudan’s Unity State in February 2017, the situation remains extremely fragile. The threat of famine continues to loom over vulnerable communities, particularly in isolated and conflict-affected areas of the country.

With support from the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization, Relief International organized seed fairs in Maban County and directly distributed seeds in Longechuk County in an effort to boost local food production. The seed fairs were organized by committees led by local community members who assisted with the identification and registration of households to participate in this program. Simultaneously, Relief International identified local traders to provide high-quality seeds at each of the fairs.

The majority of the people who attended these seed fairs were women, with some families sending their children on their behalf. Each household was provided a voucher totaling 1,050 South Sudanese Pounds ($8 USD) to purchase seeds. With their vouchers in hand, families had the options of purchasing different varieties of sorghum, yellow corn, sesame, and groundnuts.

Following the successful seed fairs, Relief International also distributed emergency livelihood kits in the dry season. The kits contained tools for fishing, harvesting crops, and cultivating vegetables to support increased food production and availability in these fragile areas of South Sudan.

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