Strengthening the RI Way


Strengthening the RI Way

As a specialist organization working in fragile settings, Relief International aims to provide life-changing programs for people in vulnerable situations.

We focus our efforts on programs that target the key sectors of health and nutrition, education, economic opportunity, and water, sanitation, and hygiene. These interconnected areas are critical for addressing the root causes and consequences of fragility.

With support from Bader Philanthropies, Relief International is investing in its signature methodology to respond to the ever-changing needs of people in fragile settings: the RI Way. The program supports the four elements that we build into every program we design. These elements include participation, integration, civic skills, and partnerships, which work in tandem to increase the long-term resilience of communities in vulnerable situations.

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  • sector_icons_economic_blk.png Economic Opportunity
  • sector_icons_education_blk.png Education
  • sector_icons_healthcare_blk.png Health and Nutrition
  • sector_icons_water_blk.png Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene