Providing Essential Healthcare in Syria


Providing Essential Healthcare in Syria

Nearly 15.3 million people in Syria are in need of humanitarian aid.

The disastrous conflict there has decimated healthcare services, making it extremely difficult for most people to access the healthcare services they need.

For over 11 years, Relief International has been providing health and protection assistance in some of the hardest-to-reach areas of the country.

In 2023 alone, Relief International provided 1.4 million consultations, supporting people with both minor and major healthcare issues.

Amal and Mohammed are just two of the thousands of people our staff treated in 2023. Here, they share their stories.

Amal, a 69 year old grandmother living in Syria, who required joint replacement surgery.


“I endured excruciating leg pain for 5-6 years,” says Amal*. “I felt so desperate with my life.”

Amal, a 69 year old grandmother living in Syria, required joint replacement surgery but could not afford it. She faced mobility issues and struggled with sleep every night.

“I contemplated the loss of my ability to walk, wondering what will happen to me.”

“I turned to God almighty, and prayed for relief.”

Fortunately, Relief International doctors working in a hospital supported by EU ECHO, were able to treat Amal free of charge.

“I consulted the physicians and they recommended joint replacement,” says Amal. “I prayed my operation would succeed, god willing.”

RI doctors and nurses operated on Amal for several hours, until finally the surgery was complete. “The doctors and nurses provided exceptional care.”

“Before I struggled to walk even 10 steps. Now I can move around freely wherever I wish.”

Post-surgery, Amal is able to bend over, pick things up, and walk easily. She now lives with her grandchildren, and has dedicated her days to caring for them.

“After the operation I harbor tremendous hope for life.”



“Around 2016 I started feeling unwell. A 9-cm mass was discovered in the rectum of my large intestine.”

Mohammad*, 38 years old, faced colon cancer, and the pain from it impacted his ability to work and provide for his family.

“I was worried about my work and my constant illness.”

“We sought help from several hospitals. They recommended Relief International to us.”

“A surgical procedure was performed to remove a portion of the rectum.”

After multiple surgeries performed by Relief International doctors and nurses at a hospital supported by ECHO, Mohammad was given the all clear, and successfully returned to his job and role as the sole provider for a family of five.

“Thank god, I am feeling much better now!”

“I started to regain mobility, resume work, carry things and handle tasks.”

Even after the surgeries, Relief International’s medical staff continued to closely monitored Mohammad’s case and provided support as needed.

“I encourage patients like myself to stay resilient and perservere.”


Relief International has only been able to support people like Amal and Mohammad because of the support of the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO). EU ECHO currently supports 14 health facilities and 12 protection spaces operated by Relief International across Syria.

Last year alone, ECHO’s support made it possible for Relief International to provide healthcare for more than 400,000 people across the country. It also enabled Relief International to provide critical protection interventions to nearly 3,000 individuals.

*Names of interviewees changed to protect their identities.

This work has been funded by the European Union Humanitarian Aid.



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