Refugees Powering RI Programs in Bangladesh’s Refugee Camps


Refugees Powering RI Programs in Bangladesh’s Refugee Camps

Rohmot and Hasina are Rohingya refugees. They are also RI volunteers, helping to deliver RI’s much needed programs in Bangladesh’s refugee camps.

Relief International’s programs around the world would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of the different community members that volunteer to help deliver them.

Many of our volunteers are refugees; men and women who have been forced to flee their home to escape conflict and persecution. They now give their time and effort to help improve the communities they live in, in any way they can.

Rohmot and Hasina are doing this in Bangladesh’s refugee camps. Originally from Myanmar, both Rohmot and Hasina were forced to seek refuge in Bangladesh along with hundreds of thousands of other Rohingya who fled in 2017.

Now they both volunteer with Relief International in the refugee camps they live in, providing support and stability to children in the camps.




Rohmot, 22, says “In Myanmar, I was a student and a tutor and my life was good.”

“My family were very hesitant to go to Bangladesh. We were very concerned about our future and wondered: ‘Where will our home be? How will it be?’”

“But in the end, we had to do it.”

“The journey took eight days. During the journey we encountered many difficulties. We didn’t have enough food and drinks, and we were walking, walking and walking all day and night…”

“When I arrived in Bangladesh, at the beginning it was difficult but now I have adapted. I started to work as a volunteer teacher and now I work as Child Protection Case Management Volunteer for RI.

“I heard about RI from some friends talking about RI’s activities and facilities.”

“I provide case management support to vulnerable children and adolescents; ensuring referral; managing incidents in the camps; making child caregivers aware of child protection issues; and supporting in the reunification of missing or lost children.”

“It is important that RI continues to work with and for the children!”




Hasina lives with her husband and young children in one of the refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar.

“When we crossed the borders in 2017, at first, we stayed in the Bangladeshi host community villages. We took shelter in their houses, and they provided us with support and food. I will be forever grateful for this.”

“Eventually, the Bangladeshi Government took us to the camp, where we still live today.”

“When we first arrived in the camp in Bangladesh our conditions were not good. Today the situation has improved and I, together with my family, feel good.”

“Now I am a Child Protection Volunteer for RI. My husband works in the camp and we have 2 small children. We have adapted to this.”

“I heard about RI in 2018 when my child started to be involved in RI’s Child Friendly Spaces. Then I started to volunteer.”

“I take care of the children, play with them, do some storytelling, arrange trainings, and ensure that food and drinks are available for everyone.”

“I really like my work with the children in RI. They represent the future!”

Photo Gallery

Hasina working in one of RI's Multi-Purpose Centres in the refugee camps.
Rohmot promoting Child Protection with adolescents living in the refugee camps.
Hasina speaking with a foster family at one of RI's Multi-Purpose Centres in the refugee camps.

RI's Work in Bangladesh

In the wake of the Rohingya crisis in 2017, RI has expanded our programs in Bangladesh to meet the most urgent needs of refugees and surrounding Bangladeshi host communities.