Press Release

Relief International launches Gold Standard Carbon Credits

Press Release

Relief International launches Gold Standard Carbon Credits

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  • Carbon Credits generated from its Gyapa™ Cookstove Project to be available for purchase at
  • Tailor made packages to offset average flights, annual individual carbon footprint and weddings.
  • Over 5 million tonnes of CO2e cut during project lifetime


Today, World Earth Day 2022, Relief International (RI) launches the sale of carbon credits through its website, The Gold Standard carbon credits will be available at the market rate of $15 per ton and can be purchased by individuals to offset the daily carbon footprint generated by travel, food, home energy choices and events. The climate credit packages have been tailor made for ease of purchasing to offset against average domestic and long-haul flights, annual individual and family usage and large-scale events such as weddings.

The carbon credits are generated by RI’s Gyapa™ Cookstove Project which provides clean, efficient cookstoves to families in Ghana. Each efficient stove uses about half the fuel of traditional alternatives, which not only cuts carbon emissions and reduces pressure on local deforestation, but also saves families money. The project has cut five million tonnes of CO2e over the past 12 years and is run in partnership with the carbon offset experts, ClimateCare.

The carbon credits launch forms part of Relief International’s campaign, ‘Climate Changing Communities’ which draws attention to the disproportionate effects of climate change upon communities in the fragile settings where it works across the globe.

Ann Koontz, Chief Executive Officer at Relief International says “When you offset your carbon footprint, you lessen your personal impact on the environment and help bring us closer to a carbon-neutral world. We then reinvest your funds with communities across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East to help them in the fight against climate change. You can’t live a zero-emissions life. But you can take action to reduce your carbon footprint and build greater climate resilience around the world”.

Azadeh Hassani, Global Humanitarian Director at Relief International says “The families we meet are already in a position of vulnerability whether due to conflict, poverty, displacement, food insecurity or other external factors beyond their control. Climate change often hits them first and hits them hardest. Re-investing funds from the carbon credits into our global projects creates a virtuous cycle of change”.



‘Climate Changing Communities’ Campaign

Rehana, a vegetable grower in Bangladesh and mother of six, sees her income fall due to severe declines in rainfall. At over two meters tall Dak, in South Sudan, now sees the water levels in the village reaching his chest. These are just two stories of extreme weather highlighted in the campaign which features stories of communities strengthening resilience in the fight against climate change.

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About the Gyapa Cookstoves Project

The Gyapa™ cookstoves project is the largest provider of fuel efficient cookstoves direct to consumers in Ghana. It has cut five million tonnes of CO2e over the past 12 years with over 20,000 stoves being produced monthly and 1.9 million stoves sold in total. Overall, the project supports more than 600 local manufacturing and retail jobs. In addition to providing employment and income, the project invests in local producers training and skills and to improve working conditions for those in the stove manufacturing process.

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About Relief International

Relief International is a nonprofit organization that partners with communities in some of the world’s most fragile settings to relieve poverty, ensure well-being, and advance dignity. We respond to natural disasters, humanitarian emergencies, and chronic poverty in 16 countries across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Relief International programs address four specific areas: Education, Health and Nutrition, Economic Opportunity and WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene). Relief International is a signatory to the Grand Bargain and works to promote localization and community-led development.

Relief International has been active in Ghana for over two decades, and helped to launch its local partner, Sustainable Development and Relief Associates (SUDRA), who supports the Gyapa™ stoves project and is working to expand the model across Ghana.


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