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Press Release

Relief International Statement

Press Release

Relief International Statement

At the end of 2020, Relief International (RI) uncovered actions where it may have violated one of its core policies related to negotiating humanitarian access with an armed group in a conflict zone. The organization took swift action to remove the staff leadership involved in the potential violation from decision-making, and appointed new leadership pending investigation. RI hired independent law firms to investigate the matter and help ensure the organization has measures in place to prevent a similar situation from occurring again.

Ann Koontz, acting chief executive of Relief International, said: “During regular reviews at the end of 2020, Relief International uncovered past actions that may violate some of its most important core principles and policies. We started an investigation with outside counsel, self-disclosed to governments and donors, and continue to work to maintain transparency with impacted parties. We are co-operating fully with any government inquiries. While we do not have all the facts yet, Relief International will do whatever is necessary to right any wrongs. RI is fully committed to its duty of care to team members, adherence to humanitarian principles and compliance.”

At this difficult time, RI is redoubling its commitment to serve those who need its programs the most, particularly people facing the nexus of conflict and COVID-19. RI’s new management is also reinforcing the organization’s commitment to the safety of its team members and the communities they serve, and to ensuring that RI always adheres to core humanitarian principles and the laws that govern its operations. RI’s Board and staff leadership remains deeply grateful for the principled work of its nearly 7,300 team members that provide aid in some of the most challenging environments across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.


For media inquiries please contact [email protected] To learn more about the 16 countries RI works and its life-saving programs, please explore the organization’s website here.