Safe at Home: A Guide to the Care and Prevention of COVID-19 in Isolation


Safe at Home: A Guide to the Care and Prevention of COVID-19 in Isolation

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise around the globe, more and more of us are having to self-isolate at home to lower the risk of infection and help contain the spread of the virus.

In collaboration with Core Group, Relief International has helped to develop a home-based care reference guide to support nonprofit organizations who are designing programs and materials in response to COVID-19 outbreaks worldwide. CORE Group convenes global community health professionals to share knowledge, evidence, and best practices, and then translates these practices into the real world with a direct impact.

This guide is particularly helpful for organizations who employ community health workers to provide critical updates on the transmission and prevention of COVID-19.

This document builds on Relief International’s expertise in designing preventive measures and informational materials in response to major disease outbreaks in the world’s most fragile settings.

It seeks to provide accurate information on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and offers recommendations for how to support those with mild to moderate symptoms who are able to recover at home.  Importantly, the guide also discusses the often-overlooked question of how to provide emotional support to family, friends, and caretakers during these challenging times.

From social distancing and adapted hygiene practices to home cleaning tips and stress management, there are many practices that should be employed to alleviate the effects of the pandemic and protect households against COVID-19. The reference guide also speaks to common concerns related to the continuity of primary care services, nutrition, the safety of children, and domestic violence, among others.

Our team at Relief International is well aware that the outbreak of COVID-19 has created additional economic, emotional and physical challenges in the lives of the people we serve. In providing clear recommendations and technical advice based on standards set by the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, this document provides clear guidance for individuals and organizations alike to navigate through the risks and uncertainties brought on by the global pandemic.

There remains much to be learned about the prevention and transmission of COVID-19. This guide will be updated on a monthly basis as new information becomes available and as it is translated into additional languages.


Guide to the Care and Prevention of COVID-19 in Isolation (English)

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Guide to the Care and Prevention of COVID-19 in Isolation (Arabic)

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