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Emergency Response

Somalia Flooding Displaces Thousands, Deepens Food Crisis

Somalia Floods Overhead
Emergency Response

Somalia Flooding Displaces Thousands, Deepens Food Crisis

Somalia’s Hiraan region is facing the worst floods in recent history following the seasonal Deyr rains that began in October. The region was already home to 66,000 internally displaced persons, and now an additional 273,000 in Beletweyne district have been forced from their homes by the flooding.

Eighty percent of Beletweyne’s urban areas are flooded, leaving infrastructure severely damaged and roads, fields, and markets submerged. There is a critical need for temporary housing, food, clean water, and access to urgent healthcare. The cost of food is also rising, and food shortages through the end of 2019 are set to worsen in a country where millions of people are already facing a food crisis.

Relief International is one of the only organizations working in this region of Somalia. Our teams on the ground have launched a response to connect nearly 30,000 displaced people in Beletweyne with emergency services and resources, in addition to the primary healthcare support offered at the 7 health clinics we operate in the flood zone.

“We are providing life-saving health services through mobile clinics, distributing clean water and hygiene kits to families, and offering psychosocial care to those affected,” said Relief International’s Somalia Country Director. “But as the rains and flooding continue, the needs of those displaced grow."

Relief International is continuing to mobilize funds to increase its response and relieve the suffering of the thousands of families displaced by the floods.

With additional support, Relief International could expand its current emergency response to construct emergency latrines and distribute essential supplies such as food, solar lanterns, shelter, and blankets. As the floodwaters spread across this fragile setting, the risk of the spread of deadly diseases also grows. Beyond Relief International’s medical services, funding would equip clinics with ready supplies of cholera treatment and other life-saving drugs.


Drone Footage: Floods Displace Thousands in Somalia

Somalia Floods, Hiraan Region
Drone Footage: Floods Displace Thousands in Somalia

Critical needs are rising as floods displace more than 270,000 people from their homes in Somalia’s Beletweyne district.