Preventing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

Our Commitment to the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

Relief International believes anyone who has contact with the organization must be safeguarded from harm, abuse, sexual exploitation and harassment. This includes zero-tolerance of any form of harm or abuse to clients, perpetrated by our staff or partners.

We have systems and policies in place, including a Code of Conduct and training for all our employees, articulating that they must abide by safeguarding standards and what actions will be taken if they do not.

We engage organization-specific strategies and mechanisms to respond to reported cases of exploitation, abuse and harassment. All allegations are reviewed and investigated by staff or consultants with appropriate expertise. Relief International responds to any proven breaches of our Protection Policies with disciplinary action, dismissal and, where applicable, reporting to relevant authorities (unless this would expose survivors to further harm).

Safeguarding Framework

This commitment is implemented through Relief International’s safeguarding framework which consists of 6 core safeguarding standards:

1. Safeguarding Culture – Our values, beliefs and codes of practice are conducive with an organizational culture that is committed to preventing harm and abuse

2. Governance and Accountability – Safeguarding policies and procedures are in place and roles and responsibilities for safeguarding assigned

3. Safe People – All staff are safely recruited and trained in safeguarding

4. Safe Programs – Potential safeguarding risks in programs and projects are identified and addressed and this includes partners

5. Safe Reporting and Response – A comprehensive complaints mechanism is in place and safeguarding reports and concerns are investigated

6. Safe Communications and Media – Safeguarding measures are incorporated into all communication and media activities