Somalia has experienced more than 20 years of conflict and has for decades been classified as a failed state. A lack of food, water and other needs, and the absence of essential services such as healthcare and education have forced a generation of people from their homes. Continuous fighting has decimated social and economic infrastructure and left the country ill-equipped to deal with the frequent challenges of drought, floods and famine. 

Relief International has five offices and more than 100 field staff across Somalia. On the ground since 2007, we work with local communities to deliver both emergency assistance and programs aimed at long-term, durable solutions. 

Our mission in Somalia is to reach the most vulnerable people and to create long-lasting relationships with the communities we serve. 

RI’s work in Somalia:

  • Strives to keep 27,000 girls in school by training teachers and communities on the importance of girls’ education — and by providing the resources that keep girls in the classroom, like tuition reimbursement, uniforms, meals, hygiene kits and solar lamps to study by at night
  • Provides healthcare, with a focus on maternal health services and children’s health
  • Delivers life-saving nutritional support, vaccinates children and educates a target population of 55,000 about child health and nutrition. Somalia has the second-highest rate of child mortality in the world. 
  • Promotes improved hygiene and sanitation to assure clean, safe water and to curb communicable disease
  • Supports improved governance skills and citizen engagement by equipping media centers and training Somali journalists in technical skills and unbiased reporting

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