Syria’s bloody six-year civil war has created more than 4.6 million refugees. Inside Syria, another 7.6 million people have been forced from their homes. That’s 12.2 million people — doctors, teachers, mothers, fathers, and many, many children —participating in the largest involuntary migration since World War II. 

Relief International is working to deliver clean water, healthcare, education, protection, post-trauma support, livelihoods — and dignity — to these displaced people. 

But we need your help to continue this life-saving work. 


The numbers are almost too big to grasp. Consider this: 12.2 million people would form a line 2,300 miles long. It would take more than 29,000 jumbo jets — three weeks’ worth of flights in and out of Heathrow Airport — to carry 12.2 million people. And 12.2 million people would fill New Orleans’ Superdome 137 times. We are talking about orders of magnitude. 

In 2013, we began using Turkey as a base for operations inside Syria. But as more than 2.5 million refugees streamed across the border we expanded our operations. Today, our Turkey team works with refugees treating the mental health issues that come with war and providing high-quality prosthetics to those who have lost limbs. 

In Lebanon — where refugees now make up one-quarter of the population — we provide medical and educational support to Syrian refugees and the Lebanese communities that host them.

In Jordan, we educate Syrian children who have sometimes missed years of school.

In Iraq, we bandage those staggering over the border, provide clean water and train camp residents in vocational skills that they use to help their neighbors.

Whenever possible, we also support relief efforts inside Syria.

But it is a constant scramble. Because every day more are in need. Every day a family flees. Every day a child is hungry. Or hurt. Or homesick.